Our Story

The area upon which The Villas Selonding Batu are located has been a site of Hindu worship for centuries. To acknowledge this tradition we commissioned a Balinese artist to carve a large stone piece about the history of this land through the eyes of Balinese Hinduism. We encourage you to enjoy the stone carving which is located in reception. Further interpretation of the carving is available upon request in English and Indonesian.

When the mountain top was discovered by its present owners, it was home to three cows who had an amazingly peaceful home with great views. There was no road going all the way to the top. Working with the local village, the cows were moved to a new home and a road that was a joint project was built. Because of the location, no large equipment was able to get onto the property. The trucks carrying building materials had to stop and unload in the parking lot and materials carried by hand to the building site. Because no large equipment could be used, the resort was literally built by hand. We have a blog called “Building Paradise with Hand Tools” which documents the process in photographs. The link is: www.tranquilityinbali.com. After six years, phase one of Villas Selonding Batu was completed. We hope you will have a wonderful experience while visiting our little paradise on top of the mountain.


Villas Selonding Batu