Selonding Batu has North Bali’s largest infinity pool which overlooks the nearby valley and mountains across to the ocean. Swimming laps anyone?

Each veranda has beautiful views to enjoy while sitting and having morning coffee or tea or just relaxing at any time of the day. As you stroll around the property, you will find many fruit trees scattered in among the beautiful gardens. This fruit ensures that our guests enjoy the freshest fruit possible while in season.

Villa Selonding Batu offers you a wonderful peaceful environment, our amazing infinity pool, great service, room service from our great kitchen, a large hot tub in the spa, a beautiful restaurant and five double bedroom villas with a location down below and amazing hills view. 


If lazing by the pool all day is not your thing, you can always get involved in some of Lovina’s holiday activities. From day trips to diving there is bound to be something that will spark your interest.

Relaxation Spa and Body Treatment
When you entering the SPA, the sound of splashing water and cutes statue from the fish pond will greet you. A beautiful room with a tropical aesthetic feel that makes the eyes stunned when you first visit it. The fragrance of therapi oil, spices and frangipani flowers makes the mind and heart calmer. The beautiful hill view and reliable therapist will spoil your eyes, your mind and your body relax.
Dolphin Watching Tour
One of the most popular Lovina activities is dolphin watching. The Bottle Nose dolphins commonly show themselves in the early morning. There is a certain mystery to waking up before sunrise, walking to the beach, and finding your local boatman ready to embark on your adventure. Sitting in a traditional fishing boat and waiting for the spectacular sunrise is only the beginning of the adventure. Soon after sunrise dolphins appear in pods of 10 to literally 100’s. Some mornings, they even put on a full dolphin show with backflips, massive jumps and sometimes even tail-walking.
Diving and Snorkeling
Menjangan Island has some of the best preserved coral reefs in Bali. There is also the legendary Tulamben shipwreck, a World War I cargo vessel. Both places are renowned for divers and snorkelers alike. These are just two of the places for diving and snorkeling.
Wanagiri Village Waterfall
Wanagiri Village Waterfall is adventure heaven. There are a lot of waterfalls in Bali, but the Wanagiri Village Waterfall Tour involves some serious cliff jumping and natural slides. It is one of the few places in Bali where you can actually take some jumps into deep water.
Wanagiri Village Trekking
North Bali and especially Wanagiri Village, are famous for beautiful scenery and a variety of fascinating walks and treks. Wanagiri is surrounded by tropical rainforest, rice terraces and farms producing traditional commodities. Visitors are welcome to explore this delightful microcosm of traditional Bali. The Wanagiri area with its unique nature and very agreeable temperatures (20-25 C) is extremely suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.
Buddhist Temple Tour
Banjar Buddhist Temple there are several buildings that you can find. When entering the temple area, you will find a fairly large Buddha statue in the middle of a pond decorated with lotus flowers. There are carvings depicting the birth of the Buddha. The combination of beautiful colors in the room will make you feel amazed when entering it.
Indonesian Cooking Class and Market Tour
From the villas we will take you to a traditional market to see the activities there. Bargaining is a common thing to do in a traditional market. You might want to give it a try. The market is open from 6-10 a.m. Once back at Selonding Batu, and before the cooking starts, you will be introduced to our organic garden. You will then learn to cook Balinese traditional dishes.
Banjar Hot Springs
As the island of a thousand temples, the offering “Canang Sari” is often made by the Balinese. Here you will learn how to make a simple offering, and also learn the meaning of the elements used for it. Later you will be invited to “Penataran Selonding Batu” temple; a temple located in the villa. Your offering will be presented there.