Villas Selonding Batu

Settled on a mountain top, the villas of Selonding Batu provide unparalleled, breathtaking views of North Bali. From the virgin jungles to the Bali sea and the surrounding village of Lovina and the city of Singaraja, one experiences the peaceful atmosphere provided by our secluded mountain top. Selonding Batu is Balinese for “stone gamelan.” The gamelan is an ancient traditional musical instrument that is still very popular today. Each stone of the gamelan produces a different pitch. A team of musicians produces lively music percussing the stones, or now in modern times, brass kettles with wooden or cloth mallets.

The Selonding Batu Experience

Villas Selonding Batu

Selonding Batu has North Bali’s largest infinity pool which overlooks the nearby valley and mountains across to the ocean. Swimming laps anyone? Each veranda has beautiful views to enjoy while sitting and having morning coffee or tea or just relaxing at any time of the day.

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Villas Selonding Batu
Banjar Dinas Gambuh, Desa Selat, Lovina
Kecamatan Sukasada
Buleleng, Bali 81161

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Villas Selonding Batu offers you spectacular views of virgin jungle, a deep valley and our beautiful ocean. It is just 8 km away from the Lovina area, 2 hours journey away from the Ubud area and about 3 hours drive from Bali International airport. Transportation is arranged for transport to the villa. Your eyes will feast on the mountainous view, rice fields, and forests along the way from Denpasar.